Cactus Baby
Cactus Baby
Cactus Baby
Cactus Baby
Cactus Baby

Cactus Baby

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▸ Product Description

Cactus symbolises warmth, protection and endurance.

It is also a symbolic of a mother's unconditional love because it can endure and thrive in harsh conditions.

Do you wish to have some cute decorations for your desk?

Let's have some cute and energetic cactus babies! 🌵

▸ Product Dimension

Please take note that these are FINISHED PRODUCTS.

Cactus A: 7*5cm
Cactus B: 7*5cm
Cactus C: 5*4cm
Cactus D: 6*4.5cm
Cactus E: 8*4.5cm
Cactus F: 5*4cm
Cactus G: 7.5*5.5cm


  • The dimension is including the pot.
  • There could be slightly difference in the dimension due to measurement.

▸ Additional Note

If you would like to customize your order, please contact me before purchasing.

Please take note that the colours may be slightly different due to the light during shooting.

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